Timing is everything.


Our vision of the future doesn’t include flying cars; we’re more hoping that yoga classes will be a typical work perk, and that Take A Yoga Break™ will be an app. We’re working on the app now in order to better enhance your TAYB experience. A specific feature we’re incorporating is time customization.

Right now, email delivery systems can either send TAYB reminders once a day (which isn’t enough to combat the dangers of sitting), or send multiple emails at East Coast times. The health problems associated with sitting too long are a nationwide epidemic, and we want everyone, everywhere to be able to Take A Yoga Break™ whenever they want to.

Our TAYB Beta Test Team members in the Central, Mountain, and Pacific time zones are loving their yoga breaks even though they get the emails earlier than 10 am, 2 pm, and 4 pm. (Those are the times people tend to sit longest.) Some members are using Boomerang, a function that works with Gmail to schedule emails.

Our app will definitely happen before flying cars, but until then, we recommend giving Boomerang a test drive when you Take A Yoga Break™.