Timing is everything.

Our vision of the future doesn't include flying cars; we're more hoping that yoga classes will be a typical work perk, and that Take A Yoga Break™ will be an app. We're working on the app now in order to better enhance your TAYB experience. A specific feature we're incorporating is time customization. Right now, email delivery systems can either send TAYB reminders once a day (which isn't enough to combat the dangers of sitting), or send multiple emails at East Coast times. The health Continue Reading

Take A Wellness Break: breathing easier

You don't usually have to think about breathing; after all, it happens automatically. But when you're stressed, your "fight or flight" mode is activated. As your body prepares to do battle or beat it, breathing gets short and shallow, which feeds that panicked feeling. Deep, calm breathing tells the body there's no real danger. Your body and mind relax, and you're better able to handle whatever is in front of you, whether that's a bear or a boss acting like a bear. To get to that calm Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Working Warrior

Work up that warrior spirit! Just make sure you have enough room behind you to extend your leg comfortably. Move slowly--be a gentle warrior--following a comfortable breathing rhythm. (Before you try this move, please read this.) Start by standing behind your chair with feet hip width apart, letting hands rest on the top of your chair. (Remember, never lean on your chair, especially if it has wheels.) Inhale a deep breath, and as you exhale move your right leg a comfortable Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Open Your Heart

Here's a sample of one of our most popular moves. Just make sure you have space to extend your arms out to the side for this one. (Before you try this move, please read this.) Stand up tall, with feet hip width apart. Inhale a comfortably deep breath, and as you exhale, hug yourself, bowing over slightly and bending knees a little. Then inhale a nice deep breath, spreading arms out wide, standing up tall. Exhale as you hug yourself, bending knees a tad; inhale and spread Continue Reading

Take A Wellness Break: fist bumps healthier than handshakes

While we work on developing and drawing more Take A Yoga Break poses, we wanted to share the news reported on PBS NewsHour that fist bumps are healthier than handshakes. According to a study done by scientists at Aberystwyth University in the UK, handshakes can exchange a host of germs between shakers, while fist bumps exchanged a mere fraction. (High fives were in between.) The next time you're sealing a deal, you might want to try a fist bump. It may come off as a little "too cool for school," Continue Reading