Take A Yoga Break: Tree

Benefits: Promotes better balance and deeper breathing, strengthens standing leg, gently opens hip joints.     Brace your chair against your desk and stand behind chair with feet together or hip width apart. Place one or both hands on top of chair without leaning on it.           Shift body weight to left foot without sticking left hip out. Bend right knee enough to come to tiptoe. Move right knee slightly outward to the side, Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Waterskiing

Benefits: Tones thighs, strengthens quadriceps muscles at front of thighs, promotes deeper breathing. Stand and push your chair against your desk. Rest hands lightly on top of the chair back, remembering not to lean on it. Stand arm's length from your chair with feet hip width apart.           Inhale, and as you exhale bend your knees as though you’re about to sit. Go only as low as is comfortable, and breathe at a normal pace.  Inhale and stand, Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Working Warrior

Work up that warrior spirit! Just make sure you have enough room behind you to extend your leg comfortably. Move slowly--be a gentle warrior--following a comfortable breathing rhythm. (Before you try this move, please read this.) Start by standing behind your chair with feet hip width apart, letting hands rest on the top of your chair. (Remember, never lean on your chair, especially if it has wheels.) Inhale a deep breath, and as you exhale move your right leg a comfortable Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Open Your Heart

Here's a sample of one of our most popular moves. Just make sure you have space to extend your arms out to the side for this one. (Before you try this move, please read this.) Stand up tall, with feet hip width apart. Inhale a comfortably deep breath, and as you exhale, hug yourself, bowing over slightly and bending knees a little. Then inhale a nice deep breath, spreading arms out wide, standing up tall. Exhale as you hug yourself, bending knees a tad; inhale and spread Continue Reading