Take A Yoga Break: Flex and Balances

Benefits: Strengthens standing leg, stretches leg and foot muscles, improves balance.     Stand with feet a comfortable distance apart and place hands on hips. Shift weight to right leg without sticking hip out. Lift left leg enough to point toes. Return to starting position. Shift weight to left leg and lift right leg enough to point toes. Repeat slowly on both sides 3 times.     Shift weight to left foot. Raise right leg a few inches and flex foot, Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Chair Ballet 3

Benefits: Strengthens outer thigh muscles and muscles of the standing leg; increases mobility in hips; increases balance.     Brace chair against desk and let right hand rest at top of chair without leaning on it, or place hand on wall. Stand with feet a comfortable distance apart.           Move left leg out to the side and point toes. Go only as far as feels comfortable. Return to standing position. Repeat move 5 times in Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Neck and Knee Dip

Benefits: Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility of neck, upper back, and shoulder area, as well as working legs.       Stand with feet a comfortable distance apart, spine lengthened, hands on hips.             Turn your head slowly to the right, and in a smooth movement…           Lower your chin toward chest as you bend knees Continue Reading

Take A Yoga Break: Corporate Cat

Benefits: Promotes deeper breathing, increases flexibility of muscles that support the spine, stretches muscles of the feet.     Stand behind chair and rest hands lightly on top without leaning on it.             Inhale and slowly arch back while bending left knee, coming to ball of foot.           Exhale and round your back, straightening left leg and bending right knee Continue Reading