Give the gift of good health for the holidays, and beyond.

sitting too long

This week, Entrepreneur Magazine released their list of 5 Unhealthy Work Habits to Break in 2015. Number one? Sitting all day.

As we go into the holidays, some of the gifts you’re thinking about getting for yourself, family or friends, coworkers or employees, may be something to improve their health. Going to splurge on that standing desk? Get a gym membership? Or maybe a yoga mat.

It’s easy to counteract the health dangers of sitting all day, and the solution doesn’t require a lot of money or fancy equipment. We simply have to stand up periodically and move. And there’s an app for that–the Take A Yoga Break app, now on iTunes. The timer reminds you to stand, and there are over 30 yoga-based moves you can do right at your desk. And from now through January 31, it’s only .99. That’s a gift you can afford to give to everyone, and it’s sure to make you number one on everyone’s list.