Flex Balances 200 x 200What is Take A Yoga Break™?

Take A Yoga Break™ (TAYB for short) is a series of yoga-based movements designed to do at your desk to counteract the health dangers of sitting.



Sitting 6 Hours a day canWhat’s so bad about sitting?

It’s not sitting, but how long we sit that’s the problem. The average American sits for 6 or more hours a day – at the office, in the car commuting to and from work, and on the couch at home. All that sitting can create scary health problems, including weight gain, increased risk of diabetes and kidney disease, even shortened life expectancy. Unfortunately, regular exercise won’t help if you’re still sitting for 6 or more hours.

Yikes! Should I get a standing desk, or a treadmill desk?

You could, but neither may help; standing all day can hurt the feet and back. Suzan, our founder, tried a standing desk for a month and found it only caused different kinds of pain, as well as ergonomic issues. Treadmill desks are expensive (averaging $8,000), and some people find it difficult to walk and work at the same time.

What should I do? 

So far the only solution to counteract the problems incurred by longterm sitting is getting up periodically and moving. TAYB founder Suzan is a writer who sits at a desk for 6–8 hours a day, but she’s also a certified yoga instructor and has been doing yoga for over 20 years. She found that getting up every hour to do a few simple stretches made her legs, hips, and back feel better. She adapted yoga poses so they could be done right at the desk.


Tree 200 x 200But I’m not into yoga/I’m not fit/I’m not wearing yoga clothes.

No problem. Take A Yoga Break movements were designed to be done by people of any age, fitness level, or shape, at the office. (Please read our disclaimer.) The moves aren’t embarrassing to do in front of coworkers. You don’t even have to be into yoga. These are simple stretches and movements based on yoga poses, no “Om” required.

Who came up with Take A Yoga Break?

Suzan Colón is a writer whose articles have appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Details, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Jane, Latina, The Huffington Post, and many other media outlets. She’s written 10 books, including the inspirational memoir Cherries in Winter: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Hard Times and the novel Beach Glass. Suzan started doing yoga 20 years ago to help with the pain she felt from sitting at work; she became a yoga instructor in 2002. She has also studied therapeutic yoga and yoga for arthritis and chronic pain. She designed Take A Yoga Break™ for people who spend most of their days working at a desk.

working warrior 5Okay, I’m ready to stand up for my health! What do I do? 

Click here for a series of TAYB moves, or go to iTunes to download the TAYB app for iPhone and iPad.