Take A Yoga Break: Neck and Knee Dip

Benefits: Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility of neck, upper back, and shoulder area, as well as working legs.

Neck and Knee 1 640x 960




Stand with feet a comfortable distance apart, spine lengthened, hands on hips.




Neck and Knee 2 640x 960




Turn your head slowly to the right, and in a smooth movement…




Neck and Knee 3 640x 960



Lower your chin toward chest as you bend knees slightly…






Neck and Knee 4 640x 960

And turn your head to the left and straighten legs. Lower chin toward chest as you bend knees, then look right and straighten legs. Think of making the shape of a smile with your chin, and do both moves as one: as chin dips, knees bend. Chin up, stand up. Repeat 3 more times.