Sitting is the new smoking–time to Take A Yoga Break.

Sitting 6 Hours a day can

Sitting is the new smoking. We’re hearing a lot in the media about how sitting for long periods of time – at office desks, in cars as we commute, on the couch at home – is really bad for our health. Most Americans sit for over 6 hours a day, and the effects are scary: increased risk of diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease; weight gain; and reduced life expectancy. Even if you work out for 30 minutes or more a day, that won’t counteract the adverse effects of longterm sitting.

What can we do? Get up and move. Simple enough; the tough part is actually doing it. Many people get so busy they don’t even realize they’ve been sitting for one, two, or more hours without getting up once to stretch their legs and get their blood flowing again.

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Idea! Our founder, Suzan Colón, is a writer who, like many people, works all day at a desk. Even though she’s trained as a yoga instructor, she’d forget to stand up and stretch. So she created Take A Yoga Break™, a program of simple yoga-based movements to do at your desk. Subscribe to TAYB (it’s free!) and you’ll get three emails a day with a reminder to stand up and an easy yoga-based exercise to do right at your desk. You don’t need special clothes or have to be into yoga. (Please read our disclaimer here.) The only solution to the scary health effects of longterm sitting is to stand up for your health. TAYB can help. Seat-izens™, sign up t0 Take A Yoga Break!