Take A Yoga Break: Waterskiing

Benefits: Tones thighs, strengthens quadriceps muscles at front of thighs, promotes deeper breathing. Stand and push your chair against your desk. Rest hands lightly on top of the chair back, remembering not to lean on it. Stand arm's length from your chair with feet hip width apart.           Inhale, and as you exhale bend your knees as though you’re about to sit. Go only as low as is comfortable, and breathe at a normal pace.  Inhale and stand, Continue Reading

Give the gift of good health for the holidays, and beyond.

This week, Entrepreneur Magazine released their list of 5 Unhealthy Work Habits to Break in 2015. Number one? Sitting all day. As we go into the holidays, some of the gifts you're thinking about getting for yourself, family or friends, coworkers or employees, may be something to improve their health. Going to splurge on that standing desk? Get a gym membership? Or maybe a yoga mat. It's easy to counteract the health dangers of sitting all day, and the solution doesn't require a lot of Continue Reading

News: The Take A Yoga Break app is here!

The only solution to the health dangers of sitting is to get up and move. Now, there's an app for that! Take A Yoga Break is now available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad*. The TAYB app features over 30 yoga-based moves you can do right at your desk, including exercises to relieve eye and neck strain. You can set the timer to remind you to stand up for your health with your favorite TAYB moves. The TAYB app was even featured in Fast Company as one of their Innovation Agents. Big thanks to all Continue Reading

Sitting is the new smoking–time to Take A Yoga Break.

Sitting is the new smoking. We’re hearing a lot in the media about how sitting for long periods of time – at office desks, in cars as we commute, on the couch at home – is really bad for our health. Most Americans sit for over 6 hours a day, and the effects are scary: increased risk of diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease; weight gain; and reduced life expectancy. Even if you work out for 30 minutes or more a day, that won’t counteract the adverse effects of longterm sitting. Continue Reading