Beta = better.

If you're new to Take A Yoga Break, welcome! We're glad you found us. We want to let you know that we're in beta mode right now, testing the site and our automated emails to make sure subscribers get the best TAYB experience possible. We're also creating more poses and getting them into the system. We're looking forward to giving the Seat-izens™ of the world a break from the dangerous health effects of long-term sitting--an ambitious task, to be sure. There are bound to be some kinks to work Continue Reading

What is “electrical activity” in the legs, and why do we need it?

  One of the health problems identified with long-term sitting is decrease of electrical activity in the legs. But what is electrical activity, and why would you want it in your legs anyway? Electrical activity is a way of measuring nerve and muscle activity. When you sit, that electrical activity in your legs and butt turns off. That's not a good thing. In addition, calorie burning drops to a measly 1 per minute, and the enzymes that break down fat drop 90 percent (really not Continue Reading

Are standing desks a solution to the sitting problem?

When you hear about the scary health problems associated with sitting, the solution most people come up with is obvious: get a standing desk. But Time Magazine did an interesting article, "The Dangers of Sitting at Work--and Standing"; the conclusion of the ergonomics experts interviewed for the story is that standing all day only causes a different set of health problems. (Ask anyone who works on their feet, like restaurant servers, and they'll tell you it's no picnic.) Alan Hedge, director Continue Reading

Sitting is the new smoking–time to Take A Yoga Break.

Sitting is the new smoking. We’re hearing a lot in the media about how sitting for long periods of time – at office desks, in cars as we commute, on the couch at home – is really bad for our health. Most Americans sit for over 6 hours a day, and the effects are scary: increased risk of diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease; weight gain; and reduced life expectancy. Even if you work out for 30 minutes or more a day, that won’t counteract the adverse effects of longterm sitting. Continue Reading