About Take A Yoga Break

Take A Yoga Break is a series of yoga-based moves designed to help combat the health dangers of sitting. Medical studies are showing that sitting for 6 or more hours a day can lead to weight gain, increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease, and even shortened life span. The solution is to get up and move periodically. Take A Yoga Break moves can help stretch stiff muscles, lubricate joints, increase blood flow, and just make you feel better. Want to Take A Yoga Break right now? Click here for some TAYB moves. Or download the TAYB app and set the timer.

Take A Yoga Break is available on iTunes for iPhone and iPad

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The TAYB app has:

  • More than 30 moves, tips, and exercises designed to help you combat the health dangers of long periods of sitting and to improve wellness while at work
  • Simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, with each move animated to show the pose
  • A timer to schedule when you take your yoga breaks—customize, choosing your favorites, or randomize, with a different pose each time
  • Tips to relieve eye and neck strain from long periods of computer work

We’re working toward improving your wellness at the office. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the TAYB blog for tips on improving your health at work and beyond.

Credits and Gratitude

The Take A Yoga Break app was created by Suzan Colón LLC and developed by Nybble Apps, with assistance from Shabbir Maulana. TAYB thanks J.Falkner for our logo design and Impress With WordPress for our website. Heartfelt love to our friends and families for their incredible support. And thanks to you, the Seat-izens of the world, for your input, support, and encouragement.