Want to Take A Yoga Break?

Stand up for your health with these TAYB moves:

Tree 200 x 200


Tree PoseStrengthens the standing leg, opens hips, promotes balance and focus.



Working Warrior 200 x 200


Working Warrior: Opens hip joints, strengthens thighs, deepens breathing.




Corp Cat 200 x 200Corporate Cat: Flexes upper spine and feet, promotes deeper breathing.




Waterskiing redux 2


Waterskiing: Tones thighs, moves shoulder joints to relieve shoulder tension, flexes knees and ankles.



Neck and Knee 200 x 200


Neck and Knee Dip: Alleviates stiffness in neck, upper back, and shoulders; flexes knee and ankle joints.



Chair Ballet 3 200 x 200


Chair Ballet: Strengthens standing leg, opens hip joints, flexes ankles, promotes balance and focus.



Flex Balances 200 x 200Flex and BalancesStrengthens standing leg, stretches leg and foot muscles, improves balance.




More poses will be added soon. Or go to iTunes to download the TAYB app for 30 moves and exercises that help fight the health dangers of sitting.