Take A Yoga Break: Open Your Heart

Here’s a sample of one of our most popular moves. Just make sure you have space to extend your arms out to the side for this one. (Before you try this move, please read this.)

Open Your Heart dude crop 1Open Your Heart dude crop 2Open Your Heart dude crop 1

Stand up tall, with feet hip width apart. Inhale a comfortably deep breath, and as you exhale, hug yourself, bowing over slightly and bending knees a little.

Open Your Heart dude crop 1

Then inhale a nice deep breath, spreading arms out wide, standing up tall.

Open Your Heart dude crop 2

Exhale as you hug yourself, bending knees a tad; inhale and spread arms out wide. Repeat 3 more times, for 5 times total. Or more, if you need extra hugs.

Bennies: Gives the neck a gentle stretch, promotes deep relaxing breaths, opens shoulder joints, lengthens spine, gets legs moving gently. And who couldn’t use a hug? 🙂

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