#WellnessWednesday News

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Take A Yoga Break featured on Yahoo Health: The app that fights the health dangers of sitting was featured on Yahoo Health’s Instagram account this week. We hope everyone at Yahoo liked it–and took a yoga break!


Yoga for cancer patients: Good Morning America and ABC News reported that more hospitals are  incorporating yoga into treatment programs for cancer. While the hard science is still being done, enough student patients report that yoga helps them feel calmer during treatment.


World’s oldest yoga teacher an inspiration: The Today Show did a segment on Tao Porchon Lynch, who at 96 years young teaches yoga, often doing poses students decades younger are still working toward. “I don’t believe in age,” says Tao, who is also a ballroom dance champion. TAYB founder Suzan was fortunate enough to take a yoga workshop with this living master a few years back. “I couldn’t even keep up with her!” says Suzan. “Her energy is amazing.”