#WellnessWednesday News

Welcome to the Take A Yoga Break™ #WellnessWednesday newsletter, the latest in helpful, healthful news to bring more wellness into your workday, and every day.

This month’s TAYB tip: Focusing on your breathing for a few minutes can calm and clear the mind. Let your breathing be natural as you shift awareness to each inhalation and exhalation. If thoughts arise, let them pass by.

TAYB and the City: Take A Yoga Break was featured in an article on YogaCityNYC.com in an article on how yoga can fight the health dangers of sitting. Thank you, YogaCityNYC!

Fly the Calmer Skies: Airports have started offering yoga rooms, spaces for travelers to do a yoga practice during a layover. Don’t have a regular routine? Doing a series of TAYB moves can strengthen muscles and loosen joints before sitting on the plane.

Yoga All Day: Here are 5 ways to bring yoga’s calm mindfulness into your day, from first thing in the morning through your commute and all the way through dinner.

The Real Downward Dog: “Doga” classes, where you do yoga with your dog, are becoming very pup-ular (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

Yoga to Fight Depression: People living with diabetes and heart disease are finding that yoga can help alleviate anxiety and lift their spirits.

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